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Direct access to top-performing students you wouldn't have talked to otherwise.Every student will have passed a series of rigorous, live algorithmic interviews.

Just wanted to say thanks again for creating such a wonderful product. I had 2 interviews on (Cruise and Quora) that both recently resulted in offers. Because my background is so atypical (PhD in systems biology), I would have had trouble getting these interviews in the first place. I'm about to accept an offer tomorrow, and I wouldn't be here without you guys!

Joy Jiao

Software Engineer, Quora

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We attract top university students from all over the US to practice on our platform. With us, you're no longer constrained to hiring from the same 5 schools.

Only Top Performers

By the time you connect with students, they've already performed well in multiple algorithmic technical interviews.

Focus on Diversity

Gain access to top candidates whom you might otherwise overlook. All interviews are conducted anonymously, which mitigates bias at a critical part of the funnel. We don't vet students based on their resume, only their interview performance.

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For every company that has trouble finding great technical talent who also brings different lived experience to product design, problem-solving and the work environment, look no further. lets you focus only on what matters—a candidate’s coding skills—and then pulls back the curtain to reveal that the person who nailed the technical interview is someone whose resume you previously deleted because they didn’t have the right pedigree.

Freada Kapor Klein

Founder, Level Playing Field Institute

Founding Member, Project Include

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