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For better or for worse, the modern tech interview is a test that you have to study for. I have been writing software for more than ten years, but the interviewing process is still daunting. I was therefore thrilled when I found the ability to comfortably and discreetly practice for the technical interview was critical to my ability to find and secure the job I wanted.

Karmel Allison

Engineering Manager, TensorFlow at Google

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Practice anonymously with engineers who have worked at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and more. Your interviewer will not know who you are or anything about you.

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Do well in practice, and get invites to interview anonymously with great companies. That means you can skip right to the technical screen without talking to recruiters, touching your resume, or haranguing your friends for referrals.

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At the end of each technical screen, if things go well, you can unmask. The next step is almost always an onsite.

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