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The practice rounds and feedback highly resemble the experience at top companies... I overcame interview anxiety, enhanced my coding speed, and became comfortable with thinking on the spot. I also landed several on-sites, and eventually, an offer with a top company.

Divya Mandyam

Software Engineer, Microsoft

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Practice & get feedback

Practice anonymously with engineers who have worked atGoogle, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and more. Your interviewer will not know who you are or anything about you.

Get fast-tracked at companies

Do well in practice, and get invites to interview anonymously with great companies. That means you canskip right to the technical screen without talking to recruiters, touching your resume, or haranguing your friends for referrals.

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At the end of each technical screen, if things go well, you can unmask.The next step is almost always an onsite.

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