You now need to do 15% better in technical interviews than you did at the start of 2022 (and the bar will keep rising).

By Aline Lerner / December 1, 2022
Tech jobs are shrinking, and the number of unemployed engineers is growing (1).png is a technical mock interview platform and technical recruiting marketplace so we have a ton of useful data around technical interviewing and hiring. One of the most useful pieces of data in the current climate is the ever-changing technical interview bar – throughout 2022, it’s gotten progressively harder to pass technical interviews, and it’s only going to keep getting harder… because employers are gaining more leverage in the market.

One might say that because we’re a mock interview platform, publishing this post is self-serving....

How much have 2022 layoffs affected engineers vs. other departments? We dug into the data to find out.

By Aline Lerner / October 13, 2022

Over the past few months I’ve seen a number of fear-mongering pieces in the press about how the recession is driving tech layoffs and how tech employees (and engineers specifically) are losing their leverage as a result. Here are a few recent examples:

Why we’re pausing our Pay Later Program

By Aline Lerner / September 29, 2022

If you’ve been following the history of then you’ll know we took a bunch of sharp turns during our journey. I’ll spare you the long version (you can find that in our announcement that we’re out of beta, as well as our Series A announcement), but the TL;DR is that we used to make money from employers, and mock interviews were free for engineers. Then hiring basically froze when COVID-19 happened, and to survive, we started charging engineers. We didn’t feel great about it,...

The definitive list of companies who are hiring engineers right now

By Aline Lerner / September 20, 2022

A little over a month ago we conducted a survey among our users to get to the bottom of what was happening with hiring freezes at Google and Facebook and published the results. The post went live on August 1st, 3 days before Google’s two-week freeze was due to come to an end, and I even called out that the post might soon be rendered moot. It looks like that did not come to pass – now, a month later, the giants still appear to...

Building’s collaborative & replayable whiteboard

By Aline Lerner / September 6, 2022

Make systems design interviews not suck

Read the original article here.


During the spring of 2022 I went from being a user of to being one of the engineers on the team.

I discovered in 2021 while preparing for my internship interviews, little did I know that I would end up interviewing for via an interview conducted on to receive an internship opportunity at upon passing the said interview. Yes.

During my 11 weeks, I solved an important business problem, quadrupled my problem-solving...

What’s actually going on with Google and Facebook hiring freezes? We surveyed 1000 engineers to find out.

By Aline Lerner / August 1, 2022

It looks like we’re entering a recession. One of the hardest things about it is the lack of reliable information about whether companies are still hiring and what hiring freezes even mean. Arguably the two most impactful eng hiring freezes were announced by Facebook (May 4 2022) and then Google (July 20, 2022). Facebook’s freeze is allegedly partial, targeting roles below L7 and excluding machine learning engineers. Google’s freeze is allegedly all-encompassing but may only last 2 weeks. But what’s actually going on? To make...

Does communication matter in technical interviewing? We looked at 100k interviews to find out.

By Dima Korolev / May 18, 2022

Hey Aline (founder of here. This is the 5th post in our Guest Author series.

*One of the things I’m most excited about with the Guest Author series is the diversity of opinions it’s bringing to our blog. Technical interviewing and hiring is fraught with controversy, and not everything these posts contain will be in line with my personal opinions or the official opinions of But that’s what’s great about it. After over a decade in this business, I still don’t think there’s a...

We analyzed 100K technical interviews to see where the best performers work. Here are the results.

By Aline Lerner / March 31, 2022

At we’ve hosted over 100K technical interviews, split between mock interviews and real ones.

As it happens, we know where many of our users currently work – they tell us that when they sign up to avoid getting matched for mock interviews with people they work with.

Given that we have this data AND given that we know how well people do in their interviews, we thought it would be interesting to see which companies’ engineers are especially good at technical interviews. We looked at which...

Announcing our Pay Later Program: Don’t pay for mock interviews until you get a job

By Aline Lerner / February 9, 2022

I started 6 years ago with the mission of making eng hiring efficient and fair. In my mind as long as employers were obsessed with where people had gone to school and worked previously, instead of focusing on what people could actually do, hiring would stay broken.

So, we set out to build a better system. On our platform, you get mock interviews with senior engineers who’ve been involved in hiring decisions at top companies. If you do well in practice, you get to bypass...

Hamtips, or why I still run the Technical Phone Screen as the Hiring Manager

By Alexey Komissarouk / October 26, 2021

Hey Aline (founder of []) here. This is the fourth post in our Guest Author series.

*In this post, our Guest Author, Alexey Komissarouk, talks about how advantageous it is to have hiring managers (rather than individual members of the team) conduct the first technical screen, effectively combining the technical interview and the hiring manager sell call. At [], where the first interaction an engineering candidate will have with a company is always with another engineer (and often with a hiring manager), we’re strong advocates...