Anonymous mock interviews with engineers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other top companies

Get better at algorithmic and systems design problems, and get detailed feedback on exactly what you need to work on.

Book technical mock interviews with engineers from top companies
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Your interviewer will be a senior engineer with extensive experience interviewing people at FAANG and other top companies. You'll run through exactly the kinds of questions you'd see in a real interview.
Mock technical interviews & mentorship sessions
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Systems design
  • Front-end engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Behavioral practice interviews
Amazon/Google/Facebook multi-session dedicated coaching
If you're serious about getting hired at Amazon, Google, or Facebook, this is the best way to prepare. We'll pair you experienced interviewer from Amazon, Google, or Facebook, and they will design a lesson plan customized to you and the role you're applying for. Through 3, 5 or 10 one-on-one sessions mentor, you'll cover everything you need to ace your interview and land your dream job.
Meet with your interviewer for virtual, fully anonymous sessions
How it works
You'll join your interviewer in our version of CoderPad™ for a fully anonymous session with audio and chat (but no video). Afterwards, you can unmask and connect with your interviewer if you'd like.
Get detailed, actionable feedback from experts
How it works
Each session ends with an in-depth rundown of what you did well on and how you can improve—all from a senior engineer who has made hiring decisions at FAANG.
Our interviewers and mentors have worked at:
Safir Khan
Zafir Khan
Software Engineer at Google (and later Facebook)
“I think getting used to the pressure of an interview is the important part of preparation. And it's also the hardest to simulate. has taken care of that for me! It's that friend I can always bug for help with running through questions.”
Aaron Farber
Aaron Farber
Software Engineer at Facebook
“ was more than a small part of my success.Your platform gave me the comfort and confidence to treat my interviews interviews like a fun, relaxing conversation over shared interests, rather than the terrifying psychological gauntlet that they started as.”
Luke Shillabeer
Luke Shillabeer
Software Engineer at Mercedes-Benz
“ I just wanted to let you both know that I did my Google onsite and to my surprised amazement I just received the email saying they're moving me on to team-matching! ✨ Wanted to say thanks to you in general for building a company that helped me get to this point and specifically for... the concept of mentoring sessions. They were super helpful and I think made the difference between offer/no-offer for me”

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