A Senior Engineer’s Guide to FAANG Interviews

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FAANG interviews are a gauntlet, and odds are, you’ll never feel truly ready. But now you know exactly what to expect at each company. You know how their processes differ, how each company looks for a slightly different kind of person, and what their processes have in common.

That’s half the battle. The other half is practice. It sucks that you have to practice for job interviews; even though we’re a practice platform, we’ll readily admit that sucks. Maybe one day technical interviewing will become a better measure of your ability and potential. We hope it will. Until that day, take what you’ve learned in this guide… and then practice. Do those five interviews. It doesn’t have to be with us. If you’re fortunate enough to have FAANG friends, practice with them. Work some problems on your own. And then repeat.

And then, storm the gauntlet with a smile on your face. Embrace the magic number. Model your behavior on their unwritten codes . And if the demons come, call us. We’ll fight them together.

To wit, here’s ye olde obligatory plug for our platform. If you sign up for dedicated coaching with us, you’ll get paired with an experienced, kind, and empathetic interviewer from the specific FAANG you’re targeting, and they’ll assess where you're at, come up with a custom curriculum tailored to you and the role you're applying for, and cover everything you need to get the offer. 82% of people who do this program get an offer from their target company.

Even though we interviewed a lot of FAANG folks when making this guide, we sometimes heard contradictory stories, and we know that we very likely made some mistakes in reporting on companies’ processes. If you’re a FAANG interviewer and found any errors in this post, please report them to us. We’ll be monitoring submissions and fixing as we go.


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Kevin Landucci
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All of the wonderful interviewers whom we’re not allowed to name 🙃

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