Why we’re pausing our Pay Later Program

By Aline Lerner | Published: September 29, 2022; Last updated: May 1, 2023

We recently made the difficult decision to pause our Pay Later Program. In this post, we’ll talk about why we made that call and what we’ll be doing instead to ensure that engineers who can’t afford to pay for practice will still be able to get it. We’ll also explain some things we’ve learned along the way about funnel optimization, some mistakes we made while iterating on this program, and what we’ll do differently when we hopefully unpause it in the future.

Building interviewing.io's collaborative & replayable whiteboard, or making systems design interviews not suck

By Shehbaj Dhillon | Published: September 6, 2022; Last updated: May 1, 2023

During the spring of 2022, I went from being a user of interviewing.io to being one of the engineers on the team.

I discovered interviewing.io in 2021 while preparing for my internship interviews, little did I know that I would end up interviewing for interviewing.io via an interview conducted on interviewing.io to receive an internship opportunity at interviewing.io upon passing the said interview. Yes.

During my 11 weeks, I solved an important business problem, quadrupled my problem-solving skills, and collaborated with the fantastic folks who built the product made for engineers, by engineers.

Announcing our Pay Later Program: Don’t pay for mock interviews until you get a job

By Aline Lerner | Published: February 9, 2022; Last updated: June 20, 2023

In the wake of COVID, I made a public promise to launch a program where engineers could defer paying for practice until they found a job. Today, we’re making good on that promise by launching our Pay Later Program! With this program, you get instant credits to spend on interview practice and then pay us once you’ve found a job. And if you get a job through our job board, then you don’t have to pay anything…

We’ve raised our Series A!

By Aline Lerner | Published: October 19, 2021; Last updated: May 1, 2023

I’m really excited to announce that we raised a $10M Series A, led by the fine people at M13. This round of funding is a long time coming. I don’t know what the average company age is when successfully raising an A, but it took us 6 years to get here. It was a long and windy path, and for a little while, we almost died (more on that below), but we’re still here, and we’re so grateful and excited to finally have the resources to do what we’ve always wanted to do: fix hiring, for real. What does “fixing hiring” mean? We believe that the only way to really effect change, is to make …

Announcing the interviewing.io Technical Interview Practice Fellowship

By Aline Lerner | Published: July 20, 2020; Last updated: May 1, 2023

I started interviewing.io because I was frustrated with how inefficient and unfair hiring was and how much emphasis employers placed on resumes. But the problem is bigger than resumes. We’ve come to learn that interview practice matters just as much. The resume gets you in the door, and your interview performance is what gets you the offer. But, even though technical interviews are hard and scary for everyone — many of our users are senior engineers from FAANG who are terrified of getting back out there and code up the kinds of problems they don’t usually see at work while someone breathes down their neck — interview prep isn’t equitably distributed. This inequity never really …

interviewing.io is finally out of beta. Anonymous technical interview practice for all!

By Aline Lerner | Published: June 4, 2020; Last updated: May 1, 2023

I started interviewing.io 5 years ago. After working as both an engineer and a recruiter, my frustration with how inefficient and unfair hiring had reached a boiling point. What made me especially angry was that despite mounting evidence that resumes are poor predictors of aptitude, employers were obsessed with where people had gone to school and worked previously. In my mind, any great engineer, regardless of how they look on paper, should have the opportunity to get their foot in the door wherever they choose. So, we set out to build a better system. On interviewing.io, software engineers can book anonymous mock interviews with senior engineers from companies like Facebook, Google, and others, and if …

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