The definitive list of companies who are hiring engineers right now

By Aline Lerner | Published: September 20, 2022; Last updated: May 1, 2023

A little over a month ago, we conducted a survey among our users to get to the bottom of what was happening with hiring freezes at Google and Facebook and published the results. The post went live on August 1st, 3 days before Google’s two-week freeze was due to come to an end, and I even called out that the post might soon be rendered moot. It looks like that did not come to pass – now, a month later, the giants still appear to be largely frozen (with some specific exceptions… see the post about hiring freezes for details). is both a mock interview platform and an eng hiring marketplace (engineers use us for technical interview practice, and top performers get fast-tracked at companies), so we have some unique insights into how these freezes have affected engineers’ behavior. In the wake of most FAANGs freezing hiring, we’ve seen a not entirely unexpected uptick in our users’ appetites for interviewing at non-FAANG companies. What was surprising, however, was engineers’ appetite for technical interview practice – though we’ve seen a marked decrease in purchases of Google and Facebook-specific mock interviews, people are practicing for technical interviews in general at about the same clip as before the freezes.

Armed with these indicators, and in the spirit of being useful during a hard and uncertain time, we thought it’d be interesting to survey our users once again to figure out 1) whether engineers are battening down the hatches and laying low for a while or if, despite the looming recession, they’re still actively considering new jobs and 2) which companies are actually hiring engineers right now.

TL;DR There are lots of engineers actively looking. There are also lots of companies who are actively hiring. Scroll down to see a massive list.

What we asked

We were curious about 2 things:

  1. Are you looking right now, and if so, where are you interviewing?
  2. Is your current employer actively hiring engineers?

Below are the actual survey questions:

Screenshot of the survey question: which companies are you interviewing right now
Screenshot of the survey question: is the company you currently work at actively hiring engineers?

Are engineers actively looking for work, and are companies actively hiring engineers?

By all accounts, yes, it looks like they are, on both counts. Of survey respondents, 49% said they were in the middle of an active job search, and 51% said that their employer was actively hiring.

Big list of companies who are hiring engineers right now

We collated responses to both questions above and came up with a list of employers who are hiring. Because we are based in the U.S. and most of our users are here, we confined this list to either companies who are based in the U.S. or are actively hiring here. Note that the logos, descriptions, locations, and sizes below are enriched via Clearbit. We spot-checked the list, and made some corrections/additions here and there, but it’s possible we missed something. If your company is listed here and something is incorrect, let us know by emailing

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